NYC ’15

This post is coming a bit late but I had to get back into the work groove and that killed me so heck if I could get anything done in the evenings.

New York City is a bucket list travel destination for me. And I can check it off!

Nath was heading to RWA in NYC and I decided to tag along and sight see. First, I flew to Montreal on Saturday, July 18. Right after landing, Nath and I went to my cousin’s house to drop off a baby gift for her son who just had his second baby. She was flying out to Vienna on Sunday so it worked out perfect. Yes, I have relatives in Montreal and Vienna. Then on Sunday we drove down to New Jersey, where the four of us (moi, Nath, her sister Em and their friend V) were going to bunk down at Hilcia’s daughter’s house before we could check into the hotel on Wednesday.  We almost didn’t make it though. Between flash flood warnings and almost running out of gas in the middle of nowhere, it was a close call! LOL But we made it and said a quick hello to Hilcia before falling asleep.

Monday we went outlet shopping. I got a nice messenger bag at Fossil (that my brother has since claimed since I got home) and a nice black purse. I got some shirts and considered it a fun shopping day. We had dinner with Hils that night and I’ve never laughed so hard. It was a great day.

Tuesday Emilie and I took the bus into NYC to meet up with V and Nath.



We hung out in Times Square and walked around a bit to kill time before we could meet up with Rosie and go to the taping of the Jimmy Fallon show! I am so grateful to Nath and her sister for scoring those tickets! I got a high five from Jimmy Fallon and I got to see Andy Samberg! I love Brooklyn Nine Nine so that was a great bonus. Alas, no pictures could be taken before, during or after the taping. All I have of the experience are memories and my bracelet.



Wednesday we got to check into our hotel room. And we joined Lisa and Rosie for a trip to the High Line Park. I loved it and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting NYC.




Wednesday night was also the literacy signing. I’m not a fan of crowds so I was really nervous about it! But it was nothing to worry about. Heck yeah there were lots of people but I had a list of authors I wanted to see and I saw almost all of them. First up was Nicole Michaels! That was great to meet her after being friends on FB and Instagram for a couple of years. I have to say this about the signing – how awkward is it for others? I mean, the authors are mostly sitting down, so standing over them is a bit weird. And I’m super shy so I had no idea what to say to them. Awwwkwwwarrrrrd. LOL After the signing a bunch of bloggers met up at the bar so I got to chat with Rosie, Lisa, Wendy, KristieJ (!!! I missed you lady!) and I got to meet Christine and Mariana. It was so much fun! I don’t realize until it happens how much I miss meeting bloggers in person and talking about books! It definitely made me have the urge to blog. It reminded me why I blogged in the first place. And meeting bloggers? It’s like starting back up in the middle of a conversation even if you’ve never met them before. It’s great.

Now on Tuesday we negotiated a good deal for a bus tour pass. We didn’t want to do the tour on Tuesday so we bought the pass to start on Thursday. So Emilie, V and I started our tour!



After the downtown bus tour and a quick supper, Nath, V, Rosie and I went to check out Finding Neverland on Broadway. At this point, my feet were killing me. Emilie and I had walked from Battery Park to the Brooklyn Bridge and I was wearing the wrong shoes that day! So I was very happy that the theater for Finding Neverland was right across the street from the hotel. LOL




I really enjoyed Finding Neverland. I cried twice and that was a surprise. I didn’t realize how caught up I was into everything.

After the show, Nath, Em, V and I walked to the Empire State Building. I had heard that it was best to go at night since there wouldn’t be line ups. And considering it was close to 11pm there were no lines. And it was awesome! Also, walking back to our hotel after midnight? No problem! There were still tons of people walking around. We even enjoyed an ice cream in Times Square before going to sleep. LOL


Friday was the Uptown tour on our bus tour. This would take us uptown and around Central Park. Well, before my feet let me know how bad of an idea this was, I thought we’d get off my the Met and I’d check it out and then we’d wander Central Park and walk back to our hotel. But nope, my feet were not going to let that happen. As much as I enjoyed Central Park, my feet were killing me. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Uptown Tour. Looking over my pictures, I took a lot of shots of buildings. Not sure how interested people are in that…so I won’t share. LOL But the tour did take us to Harlem as well. And then down Museum Mile.



The Guggenheim (above) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Em, V and I got off the bus at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I wanted to check it out and the place is so huge so I prioritized my top three exhibits I wanted to see and met up with V and Em afterwards so we could wander Central Park.








After we got back to the hotel, we met up with Hilcia and KristieJ for supper. It was fun. But because it was Friday night, the tourists in Times Square multiplied by a kajillion and it was hard to even walk around! At this point all the late nights and walking caught up to us. We slept in the next morning, V, Em and I and we missed hanging out with Hils before she went back home! I knew we’d see her on Sunday but still.

Saturday was another sight seeing day. I desperately wanted to go to the New York Public Library so that’s what Emilie and I did while V hunted down a Trader Joe’s. But first was lunch in Bryant Park. We picked up Chipotle from across the street and found a spot in the park to eat. I had one rule for eating on our trip. We couldn’t eat anywhere we had in Canada. The only exception was McDonald’s for breakfast the day before. And Starbucks.

Alas, the Rose Main Reading Room was temporarily closed so I was bummed out by that. But it gives me a reason to return to the library! And the gift shop was awesome. I got the cutest book earrings and a tote bag.



After the library was a walk over to Grand Central Station.



Because we had slept in, we didn’t have time to check anything else out before we had to meet back up with Nath at the hotel. We were taking the night tour on the bus and Nath was joining V and I for that. I was glad Nath joined us because I didn’t see that much of her while she was RWA-ing and I was sightseeing. LOL

The night tour took us through the downtown and into Brooklyn. We drove through Chinatown and went over the Manhattan Bridge.

But here’s a pic of Times Square on the weekend. Crazy town I’m telling ya!


I am not a fan of crowds. LOL


New York from Brooklyn

Ok, next time I visit New York, I’m definitely going to visit Brooklyn during the day. And with proper shoes. haha

Sunday was spent packing and then heading back to Hils to meet up with Christine and Mariana for supper. Hils took us to Hoboken and we ate great. Monday was spent driving back to Montreal. Tuesday I packed. And bought another purse. LOL I needed a carryon because I was coming home with so many books and I just happened to find a purse as well as a good carryon. hehe Wednesday morning was my flight back home. At this point, I was missing She-Ra something fierce! My parents brought her with them to the airport. It was a nice homecoming.

My trip to New York was awesome. I had great traveling buddies and I loved meeting more bloggers and I’m definitely heading back. In the fall though. I think NY will be beautiful in the fall.

Next I’ll post about the bookish goodness I got in NYC. 🙂


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I'm just a girl, living in her bookish world. With two awesome sidekicks, Maximus and She-Ra.
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13 Responses to NYC ’15

  1. nath says:

    Awesome post, Ames!! You recapped the whole trip really well! I’m glad you enjoyed the trip! I freaking need to go to Central Park next time I’m in NYC! Still haven’t managed to make it ^_^;

    Love all the pictures. And I hope you’re going to be blogging for another while!

    Now, picture of your loot!!!


  2. SuperWendy says:

    What a bummer the reading room was closed! I went to the library in 2011 and really loved it. Was so tempted to go back this year, but forced myself to go see “something different.” 🙂 And yes, their gift shop was amazing. When we went in 2011, Rosie got this really cool bracelet that she wears all the time, and I got myself a magnet. I tend to get magnets as souvenirs when I travel….


    • Bookish Ames says:

      I saw your post on the library you went to Wendy. I should have tagged along with you when you went.

      I can’t believe I forgot magnets!! I usually buy some too. I think my brain was just on overload. LOL


  3. Rowena says:

    I’m so glad that you’re blogging again and I LOVED this post. I’m so jealous that you got to go and experience NYC. It’s on my bucket list. I can’t wait! Great, great post Ames. It looks like you had an amazing time and you high fived Jimmy Fallon. Thats awesome! And Andy Samberg? LOVE HIM!


    • Bookish Ames says:

      I love him too. He was really funny in person. And The JF show was really a fun experience. And the NBC store had lots of goodies. It was hard to limit but I had to think of my luggage. Boo at weight restrictions!


      • nath says:

        You know Ames, we’re so lucky we made the JF show… because they just changed their ticket system and it seems even harder to get tickets!


  4. Mollie says:

    Wow, sounds like you had so much fun! I LOVE High Line Park. Next time you have to go to the Chelsea Market!!! And YAY for both of us blogging again!


  5. Holly says:

    Yay for blogging again! I’ve missed reading your updates on life and reading.

    I’m crazy jealous that you got to go to the JF show. NYC is on my bucket list, too, and now so is the JF show. lol


    • Bookish Ames says:

      It was definitely an experience! Rosie said the security was more intense than when she did a tour of the White House! LOL

      Wish me luck that the blogging sticks this time around.


  6. Izzy says:

    Awww I’m so jealous! Looks like you had a great time!! I would to visit New York one day.


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