December 2015 Reads


A foggy night in early December made for a beautiful winter landscape the next day.

December…oh December. I had a deadline at work for the first and I thought once we hit that date, work would slow down. That did not happen. At all. And I thought the amount of meetings I would attend would go down. Did not happen. At all. So I requested three weeks off over the holidays. That was the light at the end of the tunnel that kept me going until the 18th. The stress definitely affected my reading. It wasn’t until my holiday began that my reading picked up.

Here is what I read in December:

  1. Truth or Beard by Penny Reid
  2. Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning
  3. The Rogue Not Taken by Sarah Maclean
  4. The Wedding by Julie Garwood
  5. Saving Grace by Julie Garwood
  6. Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning
  7. Act Like It by Lucy Parker

So I read Truth or Beard at the beginning of the month – I finished it on the 5th. I somewhat started Darkfever on the 16th but would put it down for days at a time. I didn’t pick up a book and finish it until the 24th, with the Rogue Not Taken. That’s quite a lapse between reads for me. So frustrating. I’m hoping it was work stress and holiday busy-ness that affected my reading and that things will go back to normal in the new year. I don’t mean to be a whiner, but reading is important to me so it really threw me off when I couldn’t do it.

So that was December. I’m do a breakdown of the whole year soon.


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I'm just a girl, living in her bookish world. With two awesome sidekicks, Maximus and She-Ra.
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9 Responses to December 2015 Reads

  1. nath says:

    Considering you were at 1 book for 3/4 of December, your reading really picked up 🙂 Also, you got stuck on the historical – the Anna Harrington right? So 7 is pretty good!

    Seriously though, we have to find a way to let go of the stress 😦 We don’t need that in our lives!


  2. nath says:

    Oh and so brave, doing a breakdown for the year… I’m thinking of doing one, but I don’t know where to start ^_^;


  3. Izzy says:

    I read one book. Lol. So kudos for you reading all of those.


  4. Rowena says:

    You read some good books. You liked the MacLean? I’m going to put that on my reading list for this month. I really want to read that one since it’s the one that was inspired by Solange beating Jay Z in the elevator. LOL.


  5. Rowena says:

    Wait, who is the heroine? Beyonce or Solange?


    • Bookish Ames says:

      LOL The heroine is Solange. She totally sticks up for her sister. And yes I really enjoyed the Maclean. It was quirky and the hero was such an ass and I felt it each time he was a jerk. And I really liked the heroine. 😛


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