Bad Reading Habits

I’m making it in just under the wire, but I’m still getting a post up! And woohoo! Six days of posting! I think my challenge has worked so far. Yay me.

So I’ve gotten into a bad habit. I read before I go to bed. That’s fine. But I read later than I should. Which means I don’t get enough sleep. I need at least 7 hours (LOL I almost typed years, which sounds right haha). But here’s the crazy thing. I’m waking up early to keep reading. To the point that I get out of bed too late to do everything I need to do before going to work. Like shower. Feed She-ra. Eat breakfast. So I get them done, but rushed and frantically and I’m always late for work these days. It’s a bad cycle. I don’t know how to break it. I have no willpower in the morning. My alarm goes off and I grab my e-reader and just start reading. Everyday I say I’m just going to read until the time I would normally get up. But nope. I think of it is that I don’t feel I can read comfortably at any other time. If I sit and read a book on the couch, my family thinks that’s an invitation to watch tv. And it isn’t. Sit in my room? They’re texting me, asking me what I’m doing. I love my family but just give me time to read!

Typing all that out, I think I’m going to set aside reading time for myself in the evening that my family is going to have to live with. And then maybe I can get to work on time.

Wish me luck!


About Bookish Ames

I'm just a girl, living in her bookish world. With two awesome sidekicks, Maximus and She-Ra.
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7 Responses to Bad Reading Habits

  1. Leslie says:

    You could stop taking your e-reader to bed. I’m bad about this too so I had to stop bringing my Kindle with me. And you could mute your phone when you’re reading in your room. When my kids were younger there were a few times when I snuck out to the garage to sit in my car and read. lol


  2. Kailana says:

    Hope you figure out a happy medium to get some reading done!


  3. nath says:

    I almost always read before going to bed, but not much when I wake up… because it’s usually time for me to get ready. If a book is really amazing, then my body – or I should say my mind LOL – will know to wake up early to finish it. but really, I usually just stay up late ^_^;

    Leslie’s suggestion is good. If you don’t bring the book to bed, hard to read it when you wake up. Unless you read in bed like me ^_^; Can’t throw the e-reader across the room!

    I think you spend a lot of time with your family, so setting some reading time aside should be okay 🙂


  4. Rowena says:

    You sound like me. I read until the wee hours of the morning and then wake up and read for at least a half hour and am usually late for work. I’m lucky that my boss doesn’t care what time I come in, as long as I handle my work load so because of that, I’m just going to keep reading late and waking up and reading some more. Haha.


  5. Hilcia says:

    I don’t take my Kindle to bed any more! I only read on the couch these days because I used to do the same thing! Next thing I knew, it was 2am! But I never, ever, read in bed in the mornings. No way!! I do, however, read while commuting on the bus. And, I used to love reading at lunch time. (I can’t do that any longer, no time).


  6. izzy says:

    Good luck!!!! I’m up to late too. Usually working on a project or something. Ugh… and then I’m tired in the morning.


  7. Bookish Ames says:

    Ok, I read and took in everyone’s comments. So Sunday night, before going to bed (without reading! but GoT kept me up late) I told myself “You are not going to read when you wake up.” So Monday morning I woke up and didn’t read. But then last night I didn’t do that and I killed too much time on Instagram before getting out of bed. So I think it’s not just a reading habit, it might just be a stay in bed as long as possible habit. LOL


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