Julie and Romeo by Jeanne Ray


Julie Roseman has known since childhood that Rosemans are supposed to despise Cacciamanis. She’s never known exactly why…but she’s followed her family’s advice and avoided all Cacciamanis like the plague. Until she bumps into Romeo Cacciamani at a small-business conference—and realizes he’s sort of…sweet. Now, this unexpected relationship is blooming into something big. But wait until their families find out…

Ok, I admit to being age-ist – I almost put this book down when I realized the main characters were in their 60s. I’d never read a romance with the love interests that old. But you know what? I stuck with it because I’d seen it mentioned favorably over the years and I’m really glad I did. So I hope you give this book a chance if you ever come across it.

So Julie is divorced. Her husband married a younger woman and she’s been running her family’s flower shop ever since. However, it’s going downhill because her ex-husband ran the shop while they were married while she stayed at home. She’s a bit rusty running a business. She runs into Romeo, her main competitor, at a small-business conference. He’s a widower and his business is always on a downward slide. Romeo asks Julie for coffee, they ditch the conference and they spend the rest of the day together. It’s very sweet and it makes Julie happy. Romeo wants to see her again.

But when Julie tells her daughters who she spent the day with, they FREAK OUT. Julie’s youngest daughter, who is herself a mother of 2 but currently living at home, once tried to run away with one of Romeo’s sons and it reinvigorated the family feud. Sandy hates that her mom might start up with Romeo when her own love was not allowed to flourish. And Romeo faces the exact same opposition with his family. His own mother goes after Julie when she hears they spent time together. So Julie and Romeo start to spend time together on the down-low while their families take turns pulling pranks on each other.

This book had me laughing out loud so many times. It was a quick read and highly enjoyable. I like the second chance at love for an older couple and the family dynamics were what drive this story along. I thought Julie and Romeo were sweet characters and thought their wanting to be together despite their family is exactly what love is about. Solid B read.


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4 Responses to Julie and Romeo by Jeanne Ray

  1. nath says:

    Funny because I’ve read reviews for this book and seen it around, but I never realized the H/H were in their 60s!! Congrats to Ms Ray for pulling it off!! 🙂

    I’m an age-ist too ^_^; but definitively keeping it on the radar 😛 the families sound a bit annoying though ^_^;


  2. Leslie says:

    I think I might have this on my tbr pile. I didn’t know the h/h were in their 60’s, not sure I would have picked it up if I had known. After reading your review I’m curious. Might have to dig it out of the pile. 🙂


  3. Rowena says:

    I’m an ageist too. Still, good on you for reading it, Ames. Sounds like it was well worth the read too.


  4. izzy says:

    Yeah… i’m an ageist too. I mean older people need love too but… yeah.


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