Missed a day!

But I give myself a pass because there are 31 days in August. Also, I was watching Stranger Things and finishing a book. So all good reasons, imo.

Update with me – work has been stressful. I have like three deadlines coming up around the same time and the frustrating thing is 2 of the deadlines are dependent on things way beyond my control. I can do as much as I can, and I have, but honestly, I can only do so much. And the third deadline is fine, it’s just stressful getting information I need in time. Also compounded by not having access to the freaking database I need TO GET THE INFORMATION. UGH. Double ugh.

But reading is going well. I finished Eligible and thought that the author did a good job of remaining true to Jane Austen’s characters. Or the spirit of the characters? It’s a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice and it was good. Think Lizzy Bennett and Darcy having hate sex. LOL

And then I started The Hating Game and it is everything I’ve been led to believe. I’m just at the beginning still where he’s kissed her in the elevator and then she went on that date. That elevator scene? Hot stuff!

I can’t wait for the weekend though.

How’s your week going?


About Bookish Ames

I'm just a girl, living in her bookish world. With two awesome sidekicks, Maximus and She-Ra.
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4 Responses to Missed a day!

  1. Kailana says:

    I can’t wait for the weekend either!


  2. Rowena says:

    4 more hours and then it’s the weekend for me. Woo freaking hoo!

    I hope you get everything you need to meet your deadlines. I hate being dependent on others to get things I need to make my deadlines at work. It freaking sucks.

    I can’t freaking wait to read The Hating Game. You’re making me so excited so stop it! Haha.


  3. nath says:

    Week was tiring 😦 So happy it’s the week-end!!

    i hope you enjoy The Hating Game!!


  4. izzy says:

    Tell you what I tell joey ” Take a big girl breath. Take another. Calm down. It’ll be ok. “


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