Happy Birthday She-Ra!


She-Ra is the one on the left 😛

My munchkin turned 9 today. But I’m kind of sad. Max’ birthday was August 15th, so I always did something on the 22nd, a two for one deal. I’ll give her a treat later in the week, when I feel happy.

But I did take her to the park tonight. She got to chase a squirrel. LOL


About Bookish Ames

I'm just a girl, living in her bookish world. With two awesome sidekicks, Maximus and She-Ra.
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6 Responses to Happy Birthday She-Ra!

  1. Kailana says:

    Hard to believe you have had her 9 years. I remember when you got her, so we have known each other for a while!


  2. nath says:

    So cute, Ames!! She still looks the same 😛

    happy birthday She-Ra!


  3. Rowena says:

    Happy Birthday She-Ra! Aww, she’s 9 already? She’s so tiny that I forget that she’s not a baby! I hope she had a good time at the park. 🙂


  4. SuperWendy says:

    Awww, look at cute baby She-ra! No wonder you adopted her. She looks like she needs a hug in that photo 🙂


  5. izzy says:

    How cute!! Happy Birthday She Ra! omg she’s 9!! holy crap


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