TBR Challenge: She’s Got It Bad

I’ve decided to join Wendy’s TBR Challenge this year. My TBR pile is legendary from back in the day and despite embracing ebooks like a long lost lover, I’ve still been buying print books. I could probably make a tiny house out of my tbr pile. LOL

Twelve years ago Zoe Ford let Liam Masters break her heart. But now? There’s not a chance. Zoe is as tough and wild as they come. So when Liam shows up at her tattoo parlor, she’s more than ready to take him on again. That’s not going to be a hardship, since he’s hotter than he ever was.
This time she’s staying in charge. And she’s not going to consider their score settled until he’s hot, bothered and begging for more! Then she’ll move on as callously as he left her. Unless all that deliciously bad sex is just too good to give up…

I hate to admit it, but I forgot how much I enjoyed Sarah Mayberry’s writing. But She’s Got It Bad was a great reminder!

Liam Masters broke Zoe’s 15 year old heart for her own good. Now an adult, he’s thrown for a loop when he sees a painting in his friend’s gallery of a very grown up -and naked– Zoe. He buys the painting immediately and he goes looking for Zoe. He wants to know what led her to posing nude for an artist…he left her all those years ago so she would go on to live a good life, a life which does not include nude paintings.

What he quickly learns is that the sweet, young girl he left behind has become a tough woman. Zoe’s shell is so thick he can only scratch the surface. She’s a tattoo artist and she wants nothing to do with Liam. Despite his better judgement, they do sleep together. Even when he keeps trying to do right by her, he can’t leave her alone. He’s earnest though so he doesn’t give up and he figures out a way to give Zoe a job. His way to atone for whatever went wrong in Zoe’s life after he left her.

Zoe’s story wasn’t an easy one to read. After Liam broke her heart she made a few bad choices that would affect her for the rest of her life. And these choices have left her feeling like she’s not enough…so she keeps people at a distance so they can’t hurt her. Her life is definitely a lonely one.

I really enjoyed Zoe and Liam’s story. Sometimes when a heroine has gone through something awful an author may take her attitude too far and tip her over into annoying territory (and these days I cannot stand an annoying heroine). Of course Sarah Mayberry doesn’t tip Zoe over that line. Her story was heart wrenching and it was great to see how Liam broke through her defenses. Liam also had some demons and Zoe helped him with those. And their chemistry! This was one hot book!

For the shorter length, Mayberry packed a solid story into these pages. And there’s a pregnant rescue cat. I can’t resist a homeless cat!

She’s Got it Bad gets a solid B from me.


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7 Responses to TBR Challenge: She’s Got It Bad

  1. Rowena says:

    OMG, I’m so fired. I forgot to post my review. Gah, I’ll post my review tomorrow.

    But ooh, this sounds good. I know all too well what you mean about authors taking their angsty heroines over the line that it’s hard to like them so I’m glad to see that Mayberry took care of Zoe. What does Liam do for a living and why did he leave her behind for her own good?


    • Bookish Ames says:

      Hey Ween, I need to go check your blog to see if you got your post up. πŸ˜›

      Liam owns a garage – like high-end motorcycle type stuff. And he left her when they were younger because he thought he would drag Zoe down, he didn’t feel he was worthy of her. He had family issues.


  2. SuperWendy says:

    This is the second year in a row I’m trying to focus solely on print books for my Challenge. I have whittled it down over the years, but I still own a boat-load of print.


    • Bookish Ames says:

      I try and whittle my tbr pile down but it never works. So far I’ve been good in 2017 not buying print books. I’m making a concerted effort this year to read from my print tbr pile.

      Good luck only focusing on print books for your tbr Challenge!


  3. Dorine says:

    Great review and good to see you joining this challenge. Hope you have as much fun as I have and read some great books like this one. πŸ™‚


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