February Recap


Paint Nite with my mom

February was a short month but I honestly felt like it dragged on. 😦  It wasn’t bad really, just long. My mom had a birthday on the 1st, so we got together as a family which was nice. I went to see a couple of movies. I did the paint nite with my mom, which was fun. The pic above is my final product. Work was work. My reading was wonky. I had a whole week where I didn’t read anything. So after reading Taking a Shot, a week went by before I read Act Like It. I just couldn’t decide on anything, nothing grabbed my attention. But I think after my last week where I read quite a bit (I took 2 long weekends from work!) I’m back on the reading train and things are full steam ahead. Looking back, February is always a bit of a weird reading month for me. Must be the rotation of the earth or something. LOL

Books Read
1. Good Boy by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy
2. Undecided by Julianna Keyes
3. Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton
4. Act Like It by Lucy Parker
5. Under Her Skin by Adriana Anders
6. Special Interests by Emma Barry
7. Pretty Face by Lucy Parker
8. Black Hearts by Karina Halle
9. Forever Pucked by Helena Hunting
10. Artistic License by Elle Pierson
11. Cold Hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas

A – 2
B – 9 (4 B+)

E-book – 9
Print – 2

Not quite my monthly goal of 4 print books but 2 that’s ok.

Contemporary Romance – 9
Historical Romance – 1
New Adult – 1

I didn’t read any m/m, which was a goal but I’ll try and do better in March.

How was your February?


About Bookish Ames

I'm just a girl, living in her bookish world. With two awesome sidekicks, Maximus and She-Ra.
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4 Responses to February Recap

  1. Kailana says:

    February wasn’t as bad as it normally, probably because of our weird weather, but it still hopefully doesn’t turn out to be my favourite month of the year. lol


    • Bookish Ames says:

      Isn’t there a day in February that’s the worst day of the year? Like the most suicides happen on that day? Or people are scientifically proven to be the saddest ever on that day? Ugh.


  2. Rowena says:

    Which books got A grades from you? I agree with you about February seeming like it dragged on and on. I felt the same way.

    Hugs and hope you have a great reading month in March!


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