July TBR Challenge

Whoops! I forgot to post my July TBR challenge review on the 19th. But I remembered this morning so even though I’m a week late, I’m getting it done. Yay me.

aohnsThe theme for July was series catch up so I chose Allegiance of Honor by Nalini Singh. It was where I left off with the Psy/Changeling series. I didn’t read it as soon as it came out because I have a weird quirk with series – I typically don’t read the books as they come out and sometimes I like to re-read a series before reading the next one. Which is what happened with AoH – I had started re-reading the whole series but got stuck at Branded by Fire, which is book 6. AoH is book #15. So I made a deal with myself and only re-read Shards of Hope and Shield of Winter to catch myself up.

I enjoyed Allegiance of Honor but it was a slow read. There were characters from 14 books getting page time – it was a lot. And even though each little view into those characters’ lives pushed the plot forward a little bit, I still caught myself wondering what the plot was. But this is definitely a must read for the series. And I did enjoy seeing everyone and catching up (its why I’m re-reading the series after all, I do love these characters). And we finally figured out what Mercy had. LOL I liked the resolution to that little mystery. And Allegiance of Honor was a great springboard for the next story arc.

I know this ‘review’ is super vague but I don’t want to spoil anything. It’s Nalini Singh so you know it’s good. But it was just a bit slow for my taste. Now I can’t wait to get on with the next book, Silver Silence! And get back to my re-read. LOL B


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3 Responses to July TBR Challenge

  1. I agree with it being a slow read!! So many characters and plots nowadays. It’s getting more complex by the book.


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