Week in Review: Feb 6 – 12


I don’t have much to say about this past week. I worked, I exercised, I only read 2 books. I didn’t feel like I did a lot of anything really. I was tired and went to bed super early every night. And today I painted a bit this morning. I bought a wooden box at the thrift store a while back and had an idea to paint a mandala on it. So I put a white basecoat on it last night and this morning I painted it purple. I’m going to do a white mandala on the top. I will share once it’s done. 😛

Books Read

tsjburtonTaking a Shot – Jaci Burton

ujkeyesUndecided – Julianna Keyes

I really enjoyed both these books so I don’t know why I’m not reading anything right now. I’ve tried picking up a few different books but nothing is capturing my attention. So I’m not going to pressure myself. I’ll keep trying different books until one sticks. Taking a Shot was a print book from my tbr pile so I’ll be able to review that for this week’s TBR challenge. That’s a win for me. 😛

How was your week?

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Week in Review: Jan 30 – Feb 5

I meant to post this on Sunday but time got away from me this week.
I don’t have much to report this week. My mom’s birthday was on Wednesday so we went out for dinner with her sisters and dad. It’s always a blast to see them…in small doses. LOL I’m so anti-social these days! For a gift I got my mom a paint nite, which is coming up next week. It should be fun. My mom says she’s not artistic BUT she is creative, so I’m interested to see how she’ll paint along.

Reading this week sucked. I didn’t know what to read after I finished a book on Tuesday and it wasn’t until Friday that I picked something. For me not to read for 2.5 days really screwed with my system. I felt discombobulated. I’m wondering if after I finish a book, I should just pick up whatever book is next on my ereader…and then if I don’t feel it, pick another book and repeat the process until something sticks. That’s kind of forcing it but when I don’t know what I feel like reading it’s hard to start a new book. As Nath keeps reminding me, don’t put pressure on myself. So I’ll try to be more zen about my book choices this month and we’ll see where that leads me. As it is, I finished a book and now I’m at that point of having to chose another one…

Anyway, here’s what I read this week:

cprincessfisherThe Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher


Good Boy by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

I started reading:

The Telomere Effect by Elizabeth Blackburn and Elissa Epel

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January Recap

January was a good month. I took the first two weeks off work and relaxed and read and watched movies. I watched a lot of movies. LOL I went to the theater a few times. Finally saw Star Wars. And as a family we finished that puzzle. It was a lot harder than it looked! The grass and rocks were killers. I also started exercising. So that’s something I’ve added to my daily routine. I started small but I increase my time on the treadmill everyday. And I jump on our recumbent bike when I watch tv. It feels good.

Reading wasn’t too bad for the month of January. However, I noticed I stalled out at the end of the month. 😦

Here’s what I read:
1. Crash by Susan Fanetti
2. Rookie Move by Sarina Bowenhhpuckedover
3. Breath of Fire by Amanda Bouchet
4. She’s Got it Bad by Sarah Mayberry
5. Hard Hitter by Sarina Bowen
6. Downed by Jen Frederick
7. The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher
8. Love in Lingerie by Alessandra Torre
9. Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre
10. Pucked Over by Helena Hunting
11. Blindfolded Innocence by Alessandra Torre

You know what I just realized? I didn’t re-read Kulti this month! I knew once I publicly declared by obsession it would end…so sad.

Ok – the grades:

B – 8 (5 B+’s, so pretty good!)
C – 4

E-book – 6
Print – 4
Library Print – 1

Contemporary Romance – 8
Non-Fiction – 1
Fantasy Romance – 1
New Adult – 1

My favourite reads of the month were Hard Hitter, Downed, Love in Lingerie and Hollywood Dirt (which was a re-read).

How was your January?

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Buddy Review at Weendizzle!

lovelingeriesatsmWena and I teamed up again for a buddy review and this time we chose to read Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre.

You can read our buddy review here: LINK


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Week in Review: Jan 23 – 29

I never know what to say from week to week. I survived? LOL I had a lot of meetings for work this week and it exhausted me. I’m an introvert and all the people really drained me. I can tell it caught up to me by Wednesday because that’s when I stopped writing anything in my planner. Despite that exhaustion, I kept up with my walking! I am going to Europe in 2018 and I know my trip will involve lots of walking and I want to be able to go for hours and hours. So I started walking on the treadmill. This post at Zen Habits inspired me and it’s working. I’m not making BIG changes so the little ones are easier to manage. And it helps with starting a habit. I can admit that I feel good and it’s fun to track my progress. And last but not least I went to see xXx: Return of Xander Cage with a friend. I wasn’t expecting a brilliant movie and it was exactly what you expect from the previews. But it was an evening out with a friend who had drifted away so it was nice to reconnect.

Anyway, here’s what I read in the past week.


hhpuckedoverPucked Over by Helena Hunting

I also skimmed re-read Pucked (book 1 in this series) and it was fun to revisit the characters. In Pucked Over we have Randy, a hockey player and Lily, a skate instructor. Randy is teammates with Waters and Miller from the first two books in the series and Lily is friends to Sunny, the heroine from book 2. Randy and Lily had hooked up in book 2 and this is the continuation of that relationship. Since they’re around their friends a lot, they do keep running into each other. Randy thinks he can’t commit to a relationship so he tells Lily right away that if she starts to develop feelings she needs to tell him so he doesn’t hurt her. Of course he doesn’t count on himself developing feelings! I liked this one. Randy had some issues besides being a commitment-phobe and Lily was a strong character. She was afraid she wasn’t because she likes her comfortable bubbles but she grew as a character. Book 5, Pucked Off, comes out at the end of the month so I’m playing catch up with the series.


Blindfolded Innocence by Alessandra Torre

After reading two Alessandra Torre books back to back last week, I couldn’t resist picking up Brad Deluca’s book. He’s a minor character in Hollywood Dirt and he makes an impression. LOL So Julia is an intern at a law firm and the partner she reports to makes it clear he wants her to stay away from Brad, the divorce attorney partner at their firm. He has a reputation and at first Julia has no problems staying away. But Brad is persistent and he asks her to go to Las Vegas with him for the weekend. For Julia, sex is something she does when she’s in love, so she’s not really into Brad’s style of casual sex. However, he is a charming man and he does win her over. When they return to their normal nine to five, Julia distances herself from Brad because although she’s attracted, she wants a commitment. Brad wants Julia but he knows himself and that he’s not one for monogamy. Can Brad get the best of both worlds? This one ends on a bit of a cliffhanger I found but I still enjoyed it. I liked Julia and Brad together. And there’s an age difference, which I love. haha

New to the Book Stackssevenej

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Currently Readinglookgroup.jpg

Looking for Group by Alexis Hall

That’s my week in a nutshell. How was yours?

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Week in Review: Jan 16 – 22

I went back to work on Monday after being off for 2 weeks.By day 2 I was fully immersed back into the stress of everything. But I recognized it and for the rest of the week I did a better job of balancing the things I needed to catch up on with the new stuff getting piled on my plate. So the rest of the week went well. But it’s going to be busy for the next little bit. I’ll just need to keep tabs on my priorities and stress levels. I can do this!

On Tuesday I went to see Why Him? with my brothers. We’re all James Franco fans and it was cheap night so even if the movie sucked I would have been ok with it. But I was pleasantly surprised and we had quite a few good laughs. I’m glad I went to see it. Of course I had to watch another JF movie so I rewatched This is the End on Sunday. It still cracks me up.

My reading took a hit this week though. As I knew it would, working a full time job.

Here’s what I read though:

Love in Lingerie by Alessandra Torre | Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre

Currently Reading:

The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher
Pucked by Helena Hunting
Pucked Over by Helena Hunting.

I meant to post this yesterday but I got lazy. I finished Pucked this evening. Such a fun book and this is like my 4th time re-reading it.

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TBR Challenge: She’s Got It Bad

I’ve decided to join Wendy’s TBR Challenge this year. My TBR pile is legendary from back in the day and despite embracing ebooks like a long lost lover, I’ve still been buying print books. I could probably make a tiny house out of my tbr pile. LOL

Twelve years ago Zoe Ford let Liam Masters break her heart. But now? There’s not a chance. Zoe is as tough and wild as they come. So when Liam shows up at her tattoo parlor, she’s more than ready to take him on again. That’s not going to be a hardship, since he’s hotter than he ever was.
This time she’s staying in charge. And she’s not going to consider their score settled until he’s hot, bothered and begging for more! Then she’ll move on as callously as he left her. Unless all that deliciously bad sex is just too good to give up…

I hate to admit it, but I forgot how much I enjoyed Sarah Mayberry’s writing. But She’s Got It Bad was a great reminder!

Liam Masters broke Zoe’s 15 year old heart for her own good. Now an adult, he’s thrown for a loop when he sees a painting in his friend’s gallery of a very grown up -and naked– Zoe. He buys the painting immediately and he goes looking for Zoe. He wants to know what led her to posing nude for an artist…he left her all those years ago so she would go on to live a good life, a life which does not include nude paintings.

What he quickly learns is that the sweet, young girl he left behind has become a tough woman. Zoe’s shell is so thick he can only scratch the surface. She’s a tattoo artist and she wants nothing to do with Liam. Despite his better judgement, they do sleep together. Even when he keeps trying to do right by her, he can’t leave her alone. He’s earnest though so he doesn’t give up and he figures out a way to give Zoe a job. His way to atone for whatever went wrong in Zoe’s life after he left her.

Zoe’s story wasn’t an easy one to read. After Liam broke her heart she made a few bad choices that would affect her for the rest of her life. And these choices have left her feeling like she’s not enough…so she keeps people at a distance so they can’t hurt her. Her life is definitely a lonely one.

I really enjoyed Zoe and Liam’s story. Sometimes when a heroine has gone through something awful an author may take her attitude too far and tip her over into annoying territory (and these days I cannot stand an annoying heroine). Of course Sarah Mayberry doesn’t tip Zoe over that line. Her story was heart wrenching and it was great to see how Liam broke through her defenses. Liam also had some demons and Zoe helped him with those. And their chemistry! This was one hot book!

For the shorter length, Mayberry packed a solid story into these pages. And there’s a pregnant rescue cat. I can’t resist a homeless cat!

She’s Got it Bad gets a solid B from me.

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Week in Review: Jan 9-15

It’s been a while since I’ve done a WiR and it is a goal of mine to blog more regularly so I’ll be posting every Sunday moving forward.

I’ve been on vacation for the last 2 weeks and it was great. I was super lazy and didn’t get some stuff done that I really wanted to do but I relaxed, watched all the Harry Potter movies and read. I really needed this me time. It’s back to work tomorrow and honestly, I’m glad to be going back. This happened in the summer where it was super convenient for everyone but ME to be home (running errands, driving people to and fro) so yeah, if I had stayed home any longer, I probably would have gone somewhere to get away from everyone. LOL The only thing I didn’t have a chance to do was paint. But I still feel like I let my creative juices flow because I was setting up a book journal and adding pages to my happy planner to make it like a bullet journal. 😛

I also went to see Star Wars: Rogue One and Hidden Figures in the theater. I really enjoyed both movies.

On the reading front I am super happy. Here’s what I read in the last week:

Breath of Fire by Amanda Bouchet
She’s Got It Bad by Sarah Mayberry
Hard Hitter by Sarina Bowen
Downed by Jen Frederick

Today I started The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher.

I had a goal for January to read 4 books from my tbr pile. I’m pleased to say I’ve met that goal!

How was your week?

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Top 2016 Reads

For those who know me there is no question what my top read of 2016 is. So I’m going to start with that. Because this book isn’t just my top read for 2016, it has quickly skyrocketed to my favorite romance EVER. This is the number one book on my list of number one books.


Kulti by Mariana Zapata

I have this book on 3 devices (phone, kindle and ipad) and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve reread this book since I first read it in June. If I’m waiting in a long line somewhere? Open my phone and start Kulti. Just finished a book and don’t know what to read next? Read Kulti. You get the picture. LOL This book is my ultimate. I have also really enjoyed The Wall of Winnipeg and Me and Wait for It by MZ. The Wall was my gateway book. haha

My other top reads for 2016 are as follows in no particular order:

2. Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas: I really enjoyed Throne of Glass but Crown of Midnight was deeper and I was so invested in the characters. Of course because I loved this book, I’m afraid to move on in the series. LOL

3. Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan: This one had been in my tbr pile for a while and I finally picked it up. It made me cry. The pain Archer went through? This was so good.

4. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne: As soon as I heard about this book I knew I needed to read it and that I would love it. It did not disappoint.

5. The One Real Thing by Samantha Young: This one took me by surprise by how much I enjoyed it. And that’s a good thing! I like Samantha’s writing so I already had high expectations going into it. So to be surprised? It’s a good thing.

6. The Turncoat by Donna Thorland: I used to read a lot of historical fiction but that’s one genre I read less of these days. However, I really enjoyed the Turncoat. I was gripped from the first page.

7. Untamed by Anna Cowan: This book. I can’t even explain this book coherently. The hero wears a dress for the majority of it. But the ending? The poker game? BLEW ME AWAY. I loved it.

8. A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet: Cat and Griffin were great characters and I like road trip romances. I really enjoyed that aspect of the book. The magic and the mythology were fun too.

9. Prime Minister by Ainsley Booth and Sadie Haller: Who would have thought an erotic romance would make it onto this list? And one with hints of BDSM? (Which I’m so over.) BUT it worked in this novel. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this and how much emotion there was – it definitely went way beyond the sexy times.

10. The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You by Lily Anderson: And last but not least, a YA actually made it onto my list as well. I have to thank Nath for bringing this one to my attention. It reminded me why I loved reading YA. And loved all the nerdy references.

So that’s my list.

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Buddy Review at Weendizzle

Look at me! Three posts into 2017 already. LOL

Today I want to redirect you to a buddy review Wena and I did of Kristen Callihan’s Managed, book 2 in her VIP series.

Read our review HERE on Wena’s blog.

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