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Rewatching GoT

So I’m rewatching GoT from the beginning with my mom. She’d always been interested and they started playing it on tv from the beginning. Tonight, we got to episode 9 of season 1. Where the first shocking death happens. As its leading up to the event, my mom starts saying “They can’t kill him.” “They’re not going to kill him, are they?” And then as the characters start freaking out so does my mom. As that sword goes up she starts yelling “They can’t f**king kill him!”

And then they kill him.

She starts yelling at the TV “They f**king killed him!” over and over. LOL It was so funny! I should have recorded her. But there are a few surprises coming again so I’ll try and get her reactions.

For myself, rewatching everything, I’m shocked at how obvious some stuff is and that I never realized before. I feel so dumb. haha

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Self-Published vs. Traditional Publishing

Looking back at my reads for 2016 so far, half of the books I read were self-published. It’s almost a 50-50 split. I think that’s so remarkable.

What about you? Do you track who the publishers are? Have you embraced self-published books?

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Week in Review: Aug 15 – 21

I had another slow reading week, which is fine because the books I did read were good.

I read Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld. I think I mentioned it’s a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice. I thought the author did a good job of capturing Austen’s characters. I lol’d a few times (usually because of something Lizzy Bennett said or thought) and overall thought it was a good read.

The second book I read was the Hating Game by Sally Thorne. I’m glad I heard about this book and I really enjoyed it. I love enemies to lovers and Lucy was a kick-ass heroine. There’s a scene where she takes someone down and omg that scene was wonderful. LOL I thought it was cute. And the kicker? I read this book in print in ONE DAY. Usually, when I read a print book, it takes me forever to read these days. My brain just prefers ebooks.

And the third book I finished was Let It Out by Katie Dalebout. This is a non-fiction book about journaling. I picked it up in May and I kept putting it down. Not because of the book, but just because it was print and non-fiction. However, I think the author has some interesting journaling prompts. I should have taken notes while I was reading. Anyway, I haven’t discussed it here before but I started bullet journaling back in January and there’s a lot of self-improvement talk on the bujo blogs and IGs and I used to journal way back in the day so I was looking for some inspiration. And voila, this book showed up in front of me at the library one day. And this is why I should have taken notes…because I didn’t journal as I was reading. Ah well. I’ll photocopy my favourite ‘tools’ before I return it later in the week.

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Staff Pics – Update

amy phone pics 946┬áSo today we took our staff pictures. I slept in and didn’t have time to organize my dad to bring She-ra to the office. Which was fine.

But then I saw where the photographer set up to take our pics – in front of a bookshelf. I have <— this picture of She-ra framed on my desk and I had him position it on the shelf behind me in my picture. So although I didn’t physically have her with me in my picture, she’s in it nonetheless. Haha I love it.

On another note, I finished the Hating Game and really enjoyed it! A grade!

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Missed a day!

But I give myself a pass because there are 31 days in August. Also, I was watching Stranger Things and finishing a book. So all good reasons, imo.

Update with me – work has been stressful. I have like three deadlines coming up around the same time and the frustrating thing is 2 of the deadlines are dependent on things way beyond my control. I can do as much as I can, and I have, but honestly, I can only do so much. And the third deadline is fine, it’s just stressful getting information I need in time. Also compounded by not having access to the freaking database I need TO GET THE INFORMATION. UGH. Double ugh.

But reading is going well. I finished Eligible and thought that the author did a good job of remaining true to Jane Austen’s characters. Or the spirit of the characters? It’s a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice and it was good. Think Lizzy Bennett and Darcy having hate sex. LOL

And then I started The Hating Game and it is everything I’ve been led to believe. I’m just at the beginning still where he’s kissed her in the elevator and then she went on that date. That elevator scene? Hot stuff!

I can’t wait for the weekend though.

How’s your week going?

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Stranger Things

I’m watching Stranger Things right now with my family. We’ve watched 3 episodes so far and I like to binge watch stuff so stopping to sleep just doesn’t agree with me. LOL I want to keep going! Damn us for starting this on a Sunday night. WTF were we thinking?

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Internet in the Movies

You’ve Got Mail is on tv and I’m cracking up over the internet back in the early days. LOL I love the way the internet is portrayed in the movies. Remember Hackers? And the Net? haha

The other thing I like is watching movies that pre-date the internet. There’s a scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind when one of the scientists realizes the code they’re hearing is coordinates and they’re like “We need a map!” and then someone ROLLS a huge GLOBE into the room they’re in. Like, just look it up! But of course they couldn’t just google it. I’m chuckling as I write because that’s just hilarious.

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Week in Review: Aug 8 – 14

Hey everyone! How was your week? Mine was ok. Pretty quiet. My city was having a 2 week cultural celebration where different countries have pavilions where they have food and some type of cultural show (usually dancing). So I went to Argentina and Brazil. I’d been to both a few years back and I have to say, I was disappointed with the shows this year. So next year I’ll check out some different countries.

I was also disappointed with my reading. I’d started the Gunslinger and it could not keep my engaged, AT ALL. So frustrating. I had about 1/4 of the book left and I couldn’t pick it up for the longest time. I powered through it this morning and finished it. I’ll read book 2 whenever just to see if it gets better. But I think I have a basic understanding of the story for when the movie comes out.

I also re-read The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata. I love that book. But Kulti is still my favourite of hers so far.
I thought I’d share a picture of my haul from today. I hit up the thrift store and Chapters and got a ton of books and a new tote back. And the rocks are some I painted yesterday. I got them at that beach from last week.

This haul makes up for any disappointment I’ve been feeling over my slow reading week.

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So I started the Gunslinger. And I got pretty far into it, I’ve got about 1/4 left to read. But I stalled out and I can’t just put it aside because I’m almost done! And it’s preventing me from reading anything else! And believe me, I want to dive right into the Hating Game. *sigh* Hopefully tomorrow I can finish it. Wish me luck!

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