September Recap

I’ve really slacked off on my blogging lately so I thought I’d do some catch up on my monthly recaps.

September flew by! In my personal life it was all about Benji! Getting used to a new puppy, especially when you haven’t had a puppy in forever took a lot of getting used to. She-ra was so small as a puppy her bad habits (chewing) were cute and easily manageable with Max around. Charlie was almost a year old when she was given to us so we didn’t have to go through the puppy phase with her. Other milestones of September were taking a day trip to the States with a friend (OMG I spent so much money at Hobby Lobby! LOL) and one of my younger brothers turned 23. Reading wise, I was in a re-reading mood.

-September Reads-

1. Out of the Deep I Cry – Julia Spencer-Fleming
2. The Time in Between – Kristen Ashley
3. The Kingpin of Camelot – Cassandra Gannon
4. To Darkness and To Death – Julia Spencer-Fleming
5. All Mortal Flesh – Julia Spencer-Fleming
6. I Shall Not Want – Julia Spencer-Fleming
7. One Was A Soldier – Julia Spencer-Fleming
8. Duke of My Heart – Kelly Bowen
9. Seducing His Student – London Hale
10. Not a Mistake – Amber Belldene

A – 1
B – 8
C – 1

E-Book – 7
Library Print – 2
Print – 1

Mystery – 5
Contemporary – 3
Fantasy – 1
Historical – 1

*Re-reads – 4

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Week in Review: Oct 10 to 15

I was sick this past week. I blame going to my Grampa’s for Thanksgiving. All the little kids and their germs…I recovered enough to enjoy a steak dinner on Friday night. It was my aunt’s and uncle’s 25th wedding anniversary. And then the new pup had a vet appointment yesterday. He got his third round of shots. And we have to think about when he’s getting the big snip. I’m thinking January.

It was a slow reading week as well. But both good books. 😛

Books Read

pjfPlayed by Jen Frederick

theprizejgThe Prize by Julie Garwood


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Week in Review: Oct 2 – 9

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My week in review is coming late since I was out of town yesterday and I’m off today. Yay for days off!

My past week was a good one. I had lunch with a friend last Sunday and then work was busy with a new task I’ve taken on. My parents brought Benji to my work on Thursday so my coworkers could meet my new puppy. And he’s such a sweetheart. Took him and She-ra for a few walks in the park. I don’t know why I don’t take She-ra to the park during the summer….it’s a fall thing I do with her. Saturday was shopping for groceries for Sunday. Which was a dinner out at my Grandfather’s. It was ok. Extended family got to meet Benji and he was good with the kids.

I can’t complain about my reading week either. It was good if I do say so myself!

Books Read

htlytHate to Love You by Tijan

oatwgOn a Tuesday by Whitney G.

ssbSteadfast by Sarina Bowen

frvdFraternize by Rachel Van Dyken

Currently Reading

pjfPlayed by Jen Frederick

I haven’t read Tijan before but thought I’d give her a try with Hate to Love You. Although I had some issues with the writing, I couldn’t put the book down. Whitney G is a favorite author of mine so I was really looking forward to On a Tuesday. Rowena and I read that book for our October buddy review. Steadfast was the second book in the True North series and one I’ve put off reading for ages because I don’t like reading about addicts. However I really enjoyed it! The pleasant surprise of the week is Fraternize. I honestly don’t remember if I tried reading RVD before and didn’t like her writing but when I read the blurb for this book at the library I thought I’d take another chance (or a first chance LOL) on her writing. I’m so glad I did. I loved the characters and the writing was engaging. I couldn’t put it down!

And since I seem to be on a college football kick lately, I’m jumping right into Played by Jen Frederick. I really like the Gridiron series.

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Week in Review: Sept 25 to Oct 1

Well September just flew by! I figure the rest of the year will be a blink and you miss it situation. Anyway, my week was all right. I barely read, the weather was up and down but Saturday was great and I saw my 11 year old cousin play football. He’s so cute and he’s getting so big. This is his first time playing (but he’s been playing hockey since he could walk) so we had to go show our support. I’m also walking She-ra anytime the weather is nice enough. She’ll be stuck indoors soon enough so I’m trying to take advantage of the nice days while I can.

Here’s what I read.


shslhSeducing His Student – London Hale

namabNot a Mistake – Amber Belldene

I’m not currently reading anything because I don’t know what to read. *Sob*

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August Recap


I was lazy all of September to post my August recap but now that its October, I had to get my ass into gear. LOL So here’s my August recap. My major news from the month was getting Benjen.

Books Read:
1. Trouble is a Friend – Stephanie Tromley
2. Royally Screwed – Emma Chase
3. Heartless – Mary Balogh
4. The Duchess Deal – Tessa Dare
5. Beard Science – Penny Reid
6. The Change Room – Karen Connelly
7. In the Bleak Midwinter – Julia Spencer-Fleming
8. A Fountain Filled with Blood – Julia Spencer-Fleming

B – 6
C – 2

Historical Romance – 2
Contemp Romance – 2
Mystery – 2
Lit Fic – 1
Contemp YA – 1

E-Book – 3
Library Print – 3
Print – 2

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Week in Review: Sept 18 to 24

This past week was cold! Fall is definitely pushing summer out. And I don’t know what was up with me but I only read one book. That makes me sad.


domhkbDuke of My Heart – Kelly Bowen



Seducing his Student – London Hale


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Week in Review: Sep 11 to 17

The past week was interesting. My mom had surgery. She’s doing well. I took a day off to help her but ended up having a migraine so that was a bust. The weather did cool off this week as well. I feel like its too soon! And Benji went to the vet for his second round of shots yesterday. He is not happy with the vet. LOL He is very touchy about his ears (since he had to get ear drops) and didn’t like anyone near his head. Poor buddy. But he’s good until his next round of shots in 4 weeks.


owasjsfOne Was A Soldier – Julia Spencer Fleming


domhkbDuke of My Heart – Kelly Bowen

I’ve been rereading Clare and Russ’ series over the last week and One Was A Soldier was the next book in the series that I hadn’t read yet. I took my time reading it because I just want to live in Russ and Clare’s world. I have Through the Evil Days still to read but I’m taking a break to read my buddy review book with Wena.

How was your week?

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Week in Review: Sept 4 to 10

The past week was a good one. The weather was nice, work was hopping and I was reading! My only complaint for the week is trying to house train a puppy with 4 other people who do not understand that they need to keep a constant eye on him. SO FRUSTRATING. I work 8 hours a day. I do my bit in the morning and in the evening, but the rest of the time my family members need to chip in. I mean, I could easily take Benji over and make him my dog instead of a family pet and manage every aspect of his care but…but. Whatever. He’s still a baby, it all takes time. But my family doesn’t know what they’re doing. Lets just leave it at that. I mean, I already got him to stop biting me. In ONE session.

I went to see It today. All the scary stuff in the trailer are the scariest bits of the movie and it’s not so scary anymore since you’ve seen those parts already. So I enjoyed the movie, had a bit of trouble with the way race was portrayed but overall it was enjoyable. I had a few good laughs with my brother. We had watched the original tv movie Friday and Saturday night so it was nice to see the comparison. This version is a LOT better. But I do like Tim Curry’s Pennywise a tad bit more. This new Pennywise is scarier though.

Ok, here’s my awesome reading week.

ttibkaThe Time In Between by Kristen Ashley

koccgThe Kingpin of Camelot by Cassandra Gannon

tdatdjsfTo Darkness and to Death by Julia Spencer-Fleming

amfjsfAll Mortal Flesh by Julia Spencer-Fleming

isnwjsfI Shall Not Want by Julia Spencer-Fleming

I love Russ and Clare. So now I’m all caught up on my re-reads of the series and the next books I read will be new to me reads. I am going to take a break though and read something by someone else. Any recs?

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Week in Review: Aug 28 to Sep 3

My baby turned 10 this week! She’s got a few more gray hairs in her fur but she’s still full of sass and attitude. I took her to a coworker’s pool party today and everyone loved her. She still isn’t used to Benji, his puppy antics are too much for her sometimes (she likes things calm) but overall Benji is making space for himself in our hearts and house. Awww. The first week went well. He’s a biter. I know it’s just puppy stuff but man do those little teeth hurt! LOL I went to see Wind River on Monday. It’s a timely subject matter and I thought it was well done. The next movie I want to see is It. During the day. The preview scares the crap out of me so I just imagine how I’ll react to seeing Pennywise on the big screen. EEK. And then Saturday I took a drive down to North Dakota for some shopping. I hit an awesome sale at Hobby Lobby. And ate Mexican. YUM!

And my reading week was a good one! I’m still re-reading but that’s ok. It’s to get caught up on a series. I LOVE Clare and Russ and the little nuggets in these books over their developing relationship is cat nip to me. *sigh*


itbmjsfOut of the Deep I Cry by Julia Spencer-Fleming

affwbjsfA Fountain Filled with Blood by Julia Spencer-Fleming

ootdicjsfOut of the Deep I Cry by Julia Spencer-Fleming


ttibkaThe Time In Between by Kristen Ashley

Monday is a holiday so I think I’ll try to catch another movie and read. I can totally relax. 😛 How was your week and what were your long weekend plans?

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Week in Review: Aug 21 to 27

Today’s week in review photo features our new puppy, name TBD. LOL We rescued him on Saturday evening. Literally off the street. He’s already been to the vet today for his first shots and he has a raging ear infection in both ears but otherwise he’s good to go. My mom and I like the name Benji. He’s a poodle mix. Around 2 months old. That’s all we know.

Besides that, my week has been chill. Those are the best weeks.


bsprBeard Science by Penny Reid

tcrkcThe Change Room by Karen Connelly


itbmjsfIn The Bleak Midwinter by Julia Spencer-Fleming

This is a re-read for me. I don’t know what it is but I’ve been in the mood to re-read a lot lately. I’m not fighting it. Next up will probably be Falls Chance Ranch. 😛

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